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A Wonderful Day


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great robbie from the henning's

A Wonderful Day (13:19 minutes)
// Robbie Baldwin

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As the nation stands still to watch Cathy Freeman swim for Olympic Gold, a young man has a race of his own. Steven is informed during his drag act that his mother is dying. Jumping into a cab, he rushes to the hospital. On the way Steven's mind goes back to his own "Olympic event" in his childhood.

Writer, Director : Robbie Baldwin
Producers : Kylie O'Donnell, Robbie Baldwin
Director of Photography : Paul Howard
Editor : Ian Montgomery
Costume Design : Lara Blomfield
Sound Designer : Deigo Sanchez
Production Designer : Samuel Wilde
Composer : Alejandro Gomez Sanchez
Music : "Groovin' on Olympus", written by Ashley Greig
"Storm", written and performed by Aminah Hughes

Featuring Stephen Mark Adams (Steven/Kara), Mark Duffy (Taxi Driver), James Bryan (Young Steven), Kay Fallico (Mum), Bella Vendramini (Michelle), Tony Chu (Doctor), Sarah McIlwraith (Nurse), Shane Pascoe (Joyce Maynge), Jessica Fallico (Young Michelle), David Moutou (Sandy Toggs)

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Awards / Screenings
Audience Award, Apple Centre Development Award, Mardi Gras Film Festival, Sydney, 2004
Best Film, Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2004
Best Film, Canberra Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2004
Best Film, Dallas International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2004
Screenings at over 50 other film festivals
Distributed on DVD in Europe and the United States

Produced with the assistance of the NSW Film and Television Office Young Filmmakers' Fund

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