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Emilia (20:36 minutes)
// Asa Arnehed

A well researched animation about a girl named Emilia, who's father goes missing...
Manuscript: ?sa Arnehed, Karl-Johan Forss and Maria Reihs
Animation: ?sa Arnehed, karl-Johan Forss, Stefanie Bokeloh, Christofer Ahde and Olle S?derstr?m
Sound:Agnieszka Lewalski and Kim Creutzer
Music: Magnus Larsson
The song in Emilias Ipod is: "Glory to the world " med El Perro Del Mar
Voices: Matilda Str?mb?ck, Axel Andersson, Alva Vierth, Frida R?hl, Robert Jelinek Eivor L?ngstr?m, Karl-Johan Forss, Martin Vallas, ?se ?senlund, Stina Michelson, Anders Habenicht and Agnieszka Lewalski


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